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5 Steps to Setting Attainable Goals Part 4: Is It Relevant

is it relevant

Is It Relevant

The fourth element of S.M.A.R.T. is relevance. Relevance is relevant. So, why not include it in your goal-setting process? A relevant goal is one that aligns with your company's overall strategy and objectives. You should always be asking, does this goal get us closer to or further from our overall goal? If the answer is further from, well then you know that it is not relevant and you should rethink or eliminate it. To make sure your goals are relevant, answer the following questions:

  • How does this goal support our mission and vision?

  • Is it in line with our long-term strategy?

  • Will achieving this goal have a positive or negative impact on our effort to achieve our overall goals?

Identifying if your goals are relevant will help to reduce or eliminate the busy work within your teams. Creating a culture where asking is it relevant when assigning tasks, setting goals, or developing functions is relevant helps to increase overall accountability for achieving the goals set forth for the organization. Again I say, relevance is relevant!


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