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5 Steps to Meeting Your Goals with A Great Strategy Part 1: The Mission Defined

The mission defined

The Mission Defined

When developing your strategy think of it as a mission your team has been tasked with accomplishing and you are the General. You want to ensure that the mission defined what it looks like to achieve the mission. Paint the picture in your team's minds so they understand the following,

  • The target

  • The tools you'll need to hit the target

  • The talents you'll need to operate the tools

  • The obstacles you could face on the journey and how you'll overcome them, and

  • What the target should look like once it's been hit.

It is important to work this step out with your leadership team. Each of them will have a set of knowledge that the others at the table don't possess. This wisdom will be important not only to the mission but to each individual on the team. You'll want to understand how the mission will impact each department within your company and brainstorm how to ensure that there are few casualties and many wins. The next step will be to determine how many soldiers you need to run the mission.


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