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5 Steps to Accelerating Your Business Growth Part 1.3: Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

evaluate your marketing strategy
Evaluate your marketing strategy

Step 3: Evaluate your marketing strategy

Are you reaching your target audience? Have you determined who your target audience is? Is your message clear and concise? Do they know what problem you can solve for them? Take a look at your marketing materials to evaluate your marketing strategy and assess its effectiveness. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you utilizing social media effectively?

  • Are you targeting the right demographics?

  • Are you using the right channels to reach your audience?

  • Are you using the language that your intended audience understands?

  • Does your brand speak to the audience you’re working to connect with?

  • Is your target audience looking for the solution to the problem you solve in the places you’ve chosen to market?

  • Does your target audience NEED what you have, WANT what you have, and HAVE THE PROVISION to pay for it? (The answer to all 3 of these questions MUST be yes. Otherwise, you should consider adjusting your target audience.)

This evaluation should identify your blindspots and where your marketing is strong and weak. This will give you valuable information you can use to strengthen your campaign and connect with your ideal client. Once you do this you want to ensure that your team has what they need to provide the best service to your clients. That leads us to step 4.


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